One question you’d like to ask yourself first before Doing-It Yourself (DIY) any home renovations is WHY?

Why do you want to do the renovation yourself?

If your main answer is cost, then we would say “Sure! Why not?!” however there will be several BUT’s to this.

We will take you through several scenarios of when you can DIY and when you should call a professional to do your renovation project. This article is NOT to discourage you in DIY-ing home renovations if you want to cut costs, but there are projects you’d want to make sure to get a professional to help you to avoid any damages that will cost you more to redo the renovation.

Do you have the skill-set to perform the renovation yourself?

Some people are quite handy with tools and can do minor renovations, there are tonnes of videos you can watch on YouTube that provides you step-by-step guides on how to DIY — and if you’re a bloke who went through woodworking classes in high school then this is where it’ll be put to good use! If that is the case, then you’d know that some of the work you can do would be:
*Cabinet refacing
*Counter replacement
*Sink/faucet replacement
*Battery powered lighting installation
*Installations of mirrors, tv, grab bar, shelves, doors, trims, retaining walls, flooring
*Build a shed, basic deck, fence
*Basic tile work
*Paint walls, doors, windows
*Insulate walls
*Minor carpentry work

Anything else, you would definitely need professional help especially if it could be; a fire or electrical hazard, could cause a leak, or may have asbestos or traces of it. I don’t advise you doing any projects on your own that would get you injured or in any serious condition just because you’re being frugal. Additionally, most big jobs would need a permit before you build and most permit requests would take time since you’d need a professional whether it may be an architect, engineer or building contractor.

Do you have the materials?

There’s one thing you need to understand when calling in a professional to do a project in your home — they will almost always go to their suppliers to get the materials they need. If you’re the type of person who likes old stuff, like antiques and want to mix it with your home decor, most professional contractors will usually not put in the effort to look for materials in antique or thrift shops only because of time constraints, they would rather buy the materials, build it and make it look antediluvian which would definitely cost more.

Having the materials you need for your renovation is definitely recommended if you’re trying to cut costs whether or not you’re hiring a professional to do the renovation. An example would be adding a new bathroom to your home and you’ve already gotten a professional to help you with the build, usually a builder would suggest their suppliers for the fixtures you want installed and when you buy into it, know that usually they will put a mark-up on that with the suppliers, because hey, it’s business! I would recommend that you let your contractor know that you’ll purchase the fixtures on your own, that way you have the freedom to choose what goes into the construction and it will cost you less.

Do you have the time?

Planning ahead of time is crucial if you plan on doing your renovations yourself especially if you also have a full time job or other things…like being a parent!
Start a “to do” list, figure out the maximum scope of work, break down how to phase it, and strategize — taking into account costs and timeframes. For a fix that you can take time with, like a cosmetic job in your kitchen, doing it on your own would be fine and cosmetic changes don’t require a permit. If it’s a fix that needs your urgent attention, consider a professional to do it. What you might possibly need 3 months to complete could be done by a professional in just hours…sure having a professional would cost a bit more but at least you won’t be burdened that the time you spend on the project will compromise work,family time or other plans. So plan ahead before you start anything!

Do you have the money for it?

It’s not very hard to put this into perspective really because we all know money doesn’t grow on trees! It doesn’t take a genius to figure this part out, but it takes common sense, hence the primary question we started out with – Know the Why! There is no secret formula to DIY-ing any home renovations but if you followed along in this article then it should help you with your decision.

If you need help or professional advise feel free to reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help you!