Having a new house is always an exciting experience. Even having your own place to call home is an amazing feeling in itself.

When it comes to making changes to your new or old house, you might be unfamiliar with what to do, this is especially the case if you’ve never had to make changes or repairs before. This is what this article is all about so that you can understand how to know what type of project your house needs.


The Difference between Renovating, Restoring, and Remodeling

Before you get started on making any decision on what changes your house needs, you ought to know the differences between what these three types of projects are.



Renovation focuses more on fixing or repairing what has been damaged. This process doesn’t require many changes but rather improving what’s already there. This is the most common project that homeowners undertake, especially if their house is rundown or old. Renovation tends to be much cheaper than remodeling and can be more cost-effective than restoration.


Restoration is very similar to renovation and can sometimes work in conjunction with each other. The aim of this project is to restore or return something back into its’ original condition. Depending on what needs restoring, this project can be cheaper than renovating as you would typically use older period materials. Residential restoration is usually common in old houses or heritage homes. But, depending on the materials as well, restoring can be more expensive than remodeling. This is because not all materials might be so readily available, such as those for historic buildings, for example.


The interesting thing about remodeling is that it can incorporate both renovation and restoration. The main difference between this project and the others is that you are redesigning your house to become totally different. Residential remodeling produces the biggest change and is the costliest out of the two because you’re usually restructuring or replacing parts. This type of project is common when you want to expand your home or add another room such as a bedroom or second bathroom.

Factors to Consider When Making a Project Choice

1. What is your budget?

Obviously, every decision should revolve around your budget. Do you have a lot to work with or do you have a tight budget? Depending on how much you’re willing to spend will ultimately depend on your project choice.

2. How many changes do you want to make?

The next thing to consider is, how much do you really want to change in your house? Are you just looking to get some repairs or improvements done, or have you always dreamt of installing a new kitchen or outdoor deck?

3. Are you fine with the current design or structure?

This last question is not generally as important as the first two as it is more about the aesthetics. However, you should still think about what look you’re after because the design or structure can play a huge role on what you want in a project.

In conclusion, this article on how to know what type of project your house needs is definitely a good place to start your plans with. As you consider your home needs based on this guide, you’ll certainly be on your way to making the correct decisions in creating a better home. Whether you need a renovation, restoration or remodeling, you can now easily decide which project.